i11.9 Incline Trainer

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Get a superior workout with the ultimate in fitness innovation. The i11.9 Incline Trainer brings iFit® Technology to life on the beautiful, full-color touch screen! Watch your progress in real time as you stroll through Central Park, jog in Paris or run the Boston Marathon. Plus, the incline and decline automatically adjust so you burn more calories, sculpt different muscles and enjoy more balanced workouts. Also featuring a Direct Rear Velocity System, built-in workouts, an extra-long, cushioned deck and quick workout controls, this incline trainer delivers everything you need for incredible training!

+ Extra-Long, Cushioned Deck

Featuring a commercial, double-layered, double-sided deck, the i11.9 Incline Trainer is built to last. Stretch out your stride with the 22" x 60" 2-ply treadbelt and feel the incredible joint protection with built-in isolator cushioning.

+ Incline and Decline Training

With up to 30% incline, you'll recruit more muscle on the i11.9, targeting your quads and glutes. And, to perfect cadence and strengthen your legs for the downhill segments of the next marathon or 10K, the 3% decline adds variety and realistic training to any program. The lift motor, specifically designed for the Incline Trainer, delivers 1500 lbs. of lift force for consistent deck movement and stabilization.

+ iFit® Ready*

Get smarter workouts and faster results with iFit® Technology. Featuring workouts Powered by Google Maps™, training with Jillian Michaels and personalized, goal-specific programs, this wireless technology is the ultimate workout experience! Speed, incline and decline controls automatically adjust to match terrain and maximize results. Now, you can customize your own fitness program, receive automatic workout downloads and manage your profile online.
iFit® Ready”: “*iFit® Ready machines require an iFit®membership sold separately. Purchase an iFit® membership today to get the infinite benefits that come from training with iFit® Technology.

+ 10" Full-Color Touch Screen with Browser Powered by Android™

Browse the web* during any workout! With the built-in 10" full-color touch screen and browser Powered by Android™, every FreeMotion® Cardio machine delivers the ultimate motivation. Now, you can check the news, read email, watch sports highlights, get on Facebook® and more! Plus, with wireless connectivity and a USB connection, console software is upgradable for the life of the product. *Web browsing feature can be disabled.

+ 9 Built-In Workouts

Preset workouts deliver competition, weight-loss, map and HD video workouts to help users of all levels reach their goals. Quick console controls make it easy to get started!

+ Quick Workout Controls

Quickly adjust speed, incline and decline with these convenient console controls. Personalize your workout with the touch of a button instead of scrolling through settings found on other equipment.

+ Built-In Wireless Controls

Connect each machine wirelessly to Cardio Theater, Broadcastvision™ Entertainment, MYE™ Entertainment, CardioVision and Fantaay™ audio broadcasting. Built-in compatibility eliminates the need for other hardware or wires.

+ 17" FreeVision™ HDTV – Optional Upgrade

Add motivation to any workout with this optional upgrade. A wide viewing angle and dynamic contrast and color saturation combine for a beautiful picture. Individual product TVs deliver a more personalized, entertaining workout. The FreeMotion® Cardio consoles feature integrated TV controls and are prewired for a fast and easy upgrade.

+ Workouts Around the World

Choose a pre-drawn workout or draw your own map anywhere in the world with workouts Powered by Google Maps™! The treadmill automatically adjusts to match the incline and decline of the terrain! Plus, watch your progress on a Google Maps™ satellite, map or street view in real time!

+ Entertainment Charging Station

Charge an iPod®**, MP3 Player or phone during any workout with this convenient charging station. A headphone jack allows you to listen to your music and Jillian Michaels during an iFit®Workout. **iPod is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. iPod® not included.


Dimensions (LWH) 79.50" x 37.25" x72.25"