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Injury Recovery Life Coaching Program

$ 345.00

Injury Recovery Life Coaching Program

Recovering from an injury takes time and effort - seldom is the road quick and easy.  Our lead life coach, Lindsay Helm, even knows firsthand what it’s like to experience a traumatic injury in the family.  Her husband, Matt, was paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a T12 spinal cord injury.  While she and our other coaches know what it’s like to face devastating odds for recovery, they also know that potential for recovery is unknown and unknowable, and that maximizing your mindset is critical to maximizing your success

The Injury Recovery Life Coaching Program was designed specifically for those working towards recovery and for those who support them, and will help you maximize your potential and navigate your path forward with confidence. 

For Injury Recovery

If you’ve come to Barwis Methods, you’re likely going to be putting in some tremendous physical work, while also coping with the daily ups, downs, and frustrations of your current condition.  Motivation, mindset, and effort play a huge role in staying focused and getting the most out of your training.  “Staying positive” is typically easier said than done, but the Injury Recovery Life Coaching Program provides concrete skills and the support of a trained coach to truly help you utilize the most beneficial mindset for your unique journey.

For Caregivers

Injuries and diagnoses affect more than the person with the injury or diagnosis.  Parents, spouses, family, and friends are all affected by the life-changing event, especially those who take on the primary support role.  Sacrifice and change take on a whole new meaning and, while we understand it’s hard to take time for yourself, we know that you need support, too.  Life coaching provides a unique opportunity to discover how and what you need to function at your best, for both your own well-being and for those that count on you.

Pricing and Logistics:

We offer three package options for the IRLC program:

  • 3 sessions - $345

  • 5 sessions - $550

  • 10 sessions - $1050

Each package includes:

  • Injury Recovery Life Coaching Workbook

  • Unlimited text/phone/email correspondence for accountability and support between sessions

Want more information or ready to get started? 

Contact with any questions or to schedule your initial meeting.  The initial meeting will provide an opportunity for you or your child to get to know your life coach, experience the coaching process, and determine whether coaching is a good fit.  Sessions are held face-to-face virtually via Skype or in-person as schedules permit.

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