Live Axis Squat

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The FreeMotion LIVEAXIS™ Squat functionally trains the muscles of the legs and trunk to work together and builds stabilizer muscle strength to protect hip, knee and ankle joints. An adjustable start position allows you to customize your squat length and the textured platform provides stable foot positioning throughout your workout. The LIVEAXIS™ Squat’s lateral movement allows you to activate more muscles throughout your exercise because it follows your unique vertical motion instead of the fixed path of other machines.

ADJUSTABLE STARTING POSITION › The shoulder arms can be

conveniently raised or lowered to fit a variety of different user


 CONTOURED PLATFORM › Unique platform design enables users to

maintain correct ankle alignment and is textured to ensure stable

foot placement.

 SHOULDER PADS › Contoured shoulder pads swivel and slide to

comfortably fit a wide variety of users.

 ENCLOSED 400 LB. WEIGHT STACK › Limits access to moving parts

for user safety.

 INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION › Equipment is built with 11- and

7-gauge steel and is electrostatically powder-coated.

 KICK PLATES › 16-gauge, stainless steel kick plates protect the

machine from wear and tear.



 Dimensions (LWH): 89” x 36” x 80” (226 cm x 91 cm x 203 cm)

Effective Resistance: 1 leg – 400 lbs. (182 kg)

2 legs – 400 lbs. (182 kg)

Weight Stack Configuration: 10 – 100 x 10 lbs. (4.5 – 45.5 x 4.5 kg)

Weight: 850 lbs. (387 kg)

Cable Diameter: 3/16-inch rated to 2,000 lbs.

Warranty: 3-Year Ball Bearings, Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stack

1-Year Cables, Linear Bearings, Laborles, Accesories